A downloadable game for Windows

Description: Color Palette throws you into a blank world where your movement paints the world around you. The current finished version includes a couple levels where the goal is to match the colored chips to the corresponding block in order to move on to the next level.

Controls: A (left movement), D (right movement), W (Magnetic ability), SPACE (jump)

Developer's statement: This game is based around an early prototype which was inspired by games like INK by ZackBellGames. The background music is credited to Jason Lewis -with some editing done by me.

Rather than make a basic platformer or a puzzle game, I wanted to combine the two in some way. I wanted the focus of the game to be on colors. And what started as an attempt to recreate INK mechanics turned into its own idea of color matching. I hope to develop this game further to include an ever growing list of colors and color combinations, but for now simplicity is key.


ColorPalette.zip 43 MB